Call for Papers

ODDS ’22 and ODDS ’23 have shown the importance of this conference in uniquely bringing together the secured document community and the digital identity and transactions community. The conference fills a necessary role in bringing together these two domains to share ideas, information and concerns as society becomes ever more virtual and digital.

Are we more vulnerable to identity and financial theft in this new virtual environment than in the world of banknotes, identity cards and passports? How do we ensure comparable levels of security and protection in both domains? And how do the worlds of physical and digital documents interact and work together; indeed, do they need to? What is the function of governments and central banks when global technology companies are so powerful?? And how will artificial intelligence affect this field?

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These questions form the backbone of the Optical & Digital Document Security conference. The conference is the opportunity to sense-check your thinking, approach and technical solutions as well as to showcase your technology and solutions to the technical communities focused on securing our money, our transactions and our personally identifiable information.

We invite you, therefore, to submit your proposals for presentations on the critical issue of document identity and transaction security in this era where the physical, digital and virtual worlds co-exist.

If you are involved in the digital transaction, identity and authentication communities or the physical secured document field, whether commercially, in academia or government, then you will find ODDS a valuable forum to explain, share, learn, network and explore possibilities.

Deadline for submissions: 31 October 2023

Proposals should be submitted as a 400-word summary of your paper, with an additional 150 word description of the author/s and their qualifications for presenting this paper (both documents must be in English).

Submit your proposal for consideration by the Programme Committee. You will be notified if your presentation has been selected by the Programme Committee in December 2023.

Topics of Interest

The Programme Committee offers the following list of topics as guidance but recognises that it is not possible to draw up a comprehensive list for this innovative and fast-moving field. So please submit your proposal if you think that it is right for this event whether or not your topic is shown here.

Your paper could be about the digital world, the physical world or both, covering strategic or technical issues. We are particularly interested to have case studies which show how the transition from physical to digital has worked and how effective digital or phygital (physical + digital) security is.


  • Novel optical approaches, materials, products and technologies
  • interfacing optical features and digital systems
  • Security image design in the physical space
  • Optical security in the point-of-sale environment
  • Personalisation of optical features
  • Durability and permanence of optical features


  • Digital currencies: CBDCs and cryptocurrencies
  • Serialisation, 2D codes and unique identifiers
  • The role of smartphones and operating in non-smartphone environments
  • Digital credentials, decentralized identity management, digital identity wallets
  • Identity ecosystems: National or transnational digitisation of citizen data and identity verification.
  • Detection of digital fakes


  • Applications, threats and opportunities of artificial intelligence & machine learning
  • The digital/physical transition
  • Ergonomics and human engagement
  • Reconciling convenience and security
  • Enrolment systems
  • The future travel environment
  • Counterfeit resilience assessment, benchmarking, metrics, statistics and analytics
  • Vaccination certificates, health status certification
  • ID theft, counterfeit, denial-of-service and fraud countermeasures
  • Authentication of the item, the data and the person
  • Global trust and global approaches for digital identity

    ODDS Committee

    Ian Lancaster

    Programme Director
    Lancaster Consulting

    Paul Dunn

    Optical Security Consultant

    Jörg Fischer


    Franziska Granc

    Nimbus Technologieberatung

    Alan Hodgson

    Alan Hodgson Consulting Ltd

    Sun Kai

    China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation

    Renaud Laffont-Leenhardt


    Volker Lohweg

    inIT – Institute Industrial IT, Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences

    Joshua M Mármol


    Jean-Baptiste Milan

    HID Global

    Marc Pic

    Advanced Track & Trace

    Tony Poole

    Document Security Alliance

    Mikihiko Sakakibara


    Johannes Schaede

    Orell Füssli

    Harald Walter

    OVD Kinegram

    Yaohua Wang

    Security Identity Union