Optical & Digital Document Security

The technical conference for physical, digital and virtual document security

17-19 April 2023

Prague, Czech Republic


This conference filled the gap between physical and digital security. The agenda was more than excellent.

DDS2019 – ANY Security Printing

Optical & Digital Document Security

The technical conference for physical, digital and virtual document security

17-19 April 2023

Prague, Czech Republic


Very well organised/managed conference. The level of expertise in the group of presenters and audience is of high standard. I greatly benefited from my attendance. Very friendly and supportive staff.

DDS2019 – Lebanese American University

Optical & Digital Document Security

The technical conference for physical, digital and virtual document security

17-19 April 2023

Prague, Czech Republic


A very good start with some technical and policies perspective are discussed in the conference. An eye opener and a must for any security printing industry players to welcome the future of the industry.

DDS2019 – M.J.M. International

Optical & Digital Document Security

The technical conference for physical, digital and virtual document security

17-19 April 2023

Prague, Czech Republic


It is a great event, absolutely necessary, came at the right time. A good mixture of technical and general topics.

DDS2019 – Bundesdruckerei


Optical & Digital Document Security

The Technical Conference for Physical,
Digital and
Virtual Document Security


How do we ensure that our financial transactions and identity verification conducted on a smartphone, tablet or other computer are as secure as they have been using banknotes and identity documents respectively.

Do those physical secured documents have a role in this new world? Will there be co-existence or will they be replaced?

These are the underlying issues to be addressed at the Optical & Digital Document Security Conference, an event that brings together two very successful technical conferences to cover the key topics that have become more pressing in our digital age.

The Optical Document Security Conference, held every two years since 1996, is established as a highly-respected technical conference, while Digital Document Security, a spin-off event, was quickly recognised as an essential bridge between the physical and digital “document” security worlds. In combining the two events, Reconnaissance is recognising the fact of the digitisation of what have traditionally been paper or polymer documents, with the need to maintain the highest levels of security in the digital domain as have been achieved in the physical domain.

ODDS will be the platform to bring together the thousand-year experience of the banknote and ID document world with the fast-moving field of digital financial transactions, virtual ID and digital identity verification. People involved in the digital transaction, identity and authentication communities and specifiers, designers, producers and issuers of secure documents will find ODDS a valuable forum to explain, learn, network and explore possibilities.

The Optical & Digital Document Security Conference is a forum to meet, share ideas and establish mutual understanding across the digital and physical document security domains.

So we recommend that you attend the Conference if you are:

  • Involved with the design, production or examination of any government-issued security document, whether physical or digital, including financial, tax and identity documents
  • Or similarly involved with private sector transaction facilitation, payment apps, credit cards, online ordering and payment, identity cards, transport or event ticketing
  • A specifier, developer, designer or producer of physical security features or digital security equipment or software
  • a researcher or academic looking into security issues for physical or digital approaches;
  • a researcher or developer in the security component, biometrics or security printing fields
  • a producer or designer of systems and equipment for the production, personalisation, issuance or reading of secure documents and/or data
  • involved in researching or developing methods for the human interaction with physical secured documents or digital ID or transaction systems
  • or involved in any other way with security systems or secured documents.
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Programme Committee Members


Ian Lancaster


Reconnaissance International

Francis Tuffy

Conference Director

ID & Secure Document News™

Alan Hodgson

Alan Hodgson Consulting

Aurélie Berthon

Koenig & Bauer

Harald Walter

OVD Kinegram

Jeff Conroy


Johannes Schaede

Koenig & Bauer

John Winchcombe

Cash & Payment News™

Jörg Fischer


Josh Marmol

G.E.T Secure

Marc Pic

Advanced Track & Trace

Mikihiko Sakakibara


Paul Dunn

Optical Security Consultant

Renaud Laffont-Leenhardt


Sun Kai

China Banknote Printing & Minting Corp

Tony Poole


Volker Lohweg


Yaohua Wang

Security Identity Union

Monday 17 April 2023

13:30 – 17:00 Seminar – Smartphones in the New ODDS World: Effective and/or Convenient?

Seminar Leader, Dr Alan Hodgson

Smartphones are now indivisible from optical and digital security for financial transactions, identify verification, document and product authentication and supply chain security.

Whether you carry your identity information digitally or want to order a taxi online, you need your smartphone. Similarly, smartphones are becoming indispensable in supply chain monitoring, product authentication and validating your means of payment.

But how good are they in actually keeping you and your personal information secure? And what happens if you don’t have a smartphone – or there is no network coverage where you are?

In this seminar Dr Alan Hodgson will address these questions – and more. He will take a critical look at smartphone technology, lifecycle and more to address the issue of whether we are becoming over-reliant on them in this new digital and virtual world.

He will start by analysing the broad landscape for smartphones in this new world, looking at political, economic, social and technical issues. Then he will get more specific about smartphone technology and security, covering topics such as the camera performance and its suitability for verifying optical features and 2D codes; and, because smartphones largely depend on connectivity to do their job, he will look into the security of networks and wifi systems.

The seminar will include case studies on the use of smartphones as a substitute for cash, as provers of our identity, for reading codes – where he will consider the different requirements of consumers and inspectors – as well as comparing smartphones with more specialist purpose-built devices.

In the later part of the seminar Dr Hodgson will consider emerging technologies, both those pertinent to smartphones and those that might compete with or usurp them.

What this will create is a seminar that addresses the fundamental issues of the balance between efficiency, convenience and security of smartphone solutions. It will ask are we right to become so dependent on them and if not what do we do about it; and where does control lie in the complex issue of electronic payment/identity/authentication? This is the issue that will be covered in a panel discussion that will close the seminar, which will be your chance to ask about these absolutely key matters.

This will be an important participatory seminar to kick off Optical & Document Security 2023, and vital for you to attend if you are active in optical or digital security of ID and transactions – especially if you are placing smartphones in the mix of security verification.

About Dr Alan Hodgson

Dr Alan Hodgson has a background in printing and holography, initially from the photographic industry and then with 3M in security printing. He now works as an independent consultant in the field of printing and imaging.

His interest in smartphones started with the early days of phone cameras and their photographic capabilities. As the smartphone platform developed into the multiple capabilities we see today he continued to study these, noting the trade-offs between capabilities and vulnerabilities and between threats and opportunities across a range of applications. This seminar will provide a summary of the learning on this journey.

Alan is a Visiting Academic in Material Science at the University of Manchester and an Expert Fellow to the SPRITE+ university collaboration which investigates Security, PRivacy, Identity and Trust Engagement in the digital space. Supporting these he is active in the field of International Standards for photography, printed electronics and wearable devices.

He is a contributing author to a number of the Reconnaissance International publications and has presented papers and courses at their events.

Tuesday 18 April 2023

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Session 1 – The Link Between the Physical and Digital Worlds



Ian Lancaster

Reconnaissance International (UK)


The Impact of Counterfeiting of Physical and Digital Identities

Tony Poole

Document Security Alliance (USA)


The Future of Physical vs Digital Currency: Banknotes in a Digital World to 2032

Duncan Reid

Smithers (UK)


Hybrid Currencies : How to Transform Banknotes to Digital Currencies

Marc Pic

Advanced Track & Trace (France)


Securely Combining Physical Security Documents with the Digital Realm

Hanno Goldbach

Landqart (Switzerland)

Andy Gray

TECH5 (Switzerland)

10:05 Session Q&A
10:15 Break – Refreshments

Session 2 – New Approaches to Document Security I


Magnetic Codes in Security Printing

Allan Harle

Magvision (UK)


Rapid Iteration Testing for Banknote Design

Ernesto González Candela

UnderCurrency (Mexico)


A New Way of Designing Cash using Neuroscience

Ruben Ortuño

Banco de España (Spain)


User Experience of Robust Micro- & Nano-security Elements

Nelson Gananathan

SURYS (France)

12:00 Session Q&A
12:15 Lunch

Session 3 – New Approaches to Document Security II


Development and Application Test for the Detection of Non-Artificial Microstructures

Marc Hunsaenger

Koenig & Bauer (Germany)


Multi-Images Super-Resolution to Help Authenticate ID Documents, BankNotes and Products

Marc Pic

Advanced Track & Trace (France)


Semi-automated Certificate Authenticity Verification on the example of medical personal protective equipment

Volker Lohweg

Institute Industrial IT (Germany)

14:30 Session Q&A
14:40 Break – Refreshments

Session 4 – Protecting Identity in the Digital Age I


Trust Services and Digital ID Solutions

Franziska Muschik

Veridos (Germany)

Alexander Winnen

Veridos (Germany)


Biometrics in Identity: Building Inclusive Futures

Perrine Catinaud

Secure Identity Alliance (International)


Protecting ID Systems in the Quantum Era

Jörg Fischer

Bundesdruckerei (Germany)


Reaching New Levels of Identity Document Quality with AI

Michael Schalk

Veridos (Germany)


Universal Health Coverage Made Accessible

Claudia Schwendimann

Austrian State Printing House (Austria)

16:50 Session Q&A
17:05 Close of Day One


18:30 Conference Dinner and Table Top Exhibition

Wednesday 19 April 2023

Session 5 – Protecting Identity in the Digital Age II


Introduction to ODDS Day 2

Ian Lancaster

Reconnaissance International (UK)


Experiences with Counterfeits of Digital Security Features

Sergej Toedtli

Thymaris (Switzerland)


CITE: Country Independent Template Extraction from MRTDs

Eric Santiago Garcia

University of Twente; InverID (Netherlands)


Self-Protecting Portrait – Polycarbonate Inks Beyond Digital Watermarking

Oliver Muth

Bundesdruckerei (Germany)

10:05 Session Q&A
10:15 Break – Refreshments

Session 6 – New Optical Techniques for Security I


Structural Colours – Powerful & Self-explaining Design Elements

Eduard Miloglyadov

OVD Kinegram (Switzerland)


Anti-counterfeiting Imaging Device Based on Microlens Array

Su Shen

Soochow University (PR China)


NIR-induced Colour/Fluorescence Changing Inks

Alex Julia

Distinkt (Spain)

11:50 Session Q&A

12:00 Panel Discussion – Shaping the future of transactions and identity or Is there a future for physical security documents?

12:45 Lunch

Session 7 – New Optical Techniques for Security II


Optically Variable Films Harnessing Colour-shifting Microstructures

Caleb Meredith

Chromatir (United States)


Your Document is an Optical System

Yit-Shun Leung Ki

4Plate (Germany)


DOVID Design in a Non-orthogonal Co-ordinate System

Vladimir Kolarik

IQS Group (Czech Republic)


Licence Plate Authentication with Liquid Crystal Printing

Christophe Garnier

SICPA (Switzerland)

Nicola Duca

SICPA (Switzerland)

15:20 Session Q&A
15:30 Review of the Conference Topics
15:45 Close of Conference and Farewell Drinks

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